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July 9, 2012
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Day One - Favorite Kid - John Egbert by FreakyOrangehead Day One - Favorite Kid - John Egbert by FreakyOrangehead
I'm doing the 30 Day Homestuck challenge!!
Day one is Your Favorite Kid, mine is John because.. Well I liked this derp from the start. He's so aDERPable! Ok, he's more than just a derp. He's a derpy fanboy!! *shot*

Anyway, this was originally supposed to be finished on Saturday but I'm a horrible procrastinator and was doing the bulk of it at midnight so I figured I'd finish and post it Sunday, but due to my alarm clock not going off and having to go to the Renassianse Fair, I didn't have the time in the morning and was to tired when we got back at, guess when, MIDNIGHT! I finished it up this mornin so I posted it. I MAY do another due to the day of procrastination but I may not too... Who knows with me..

Day 1 - Favorite Kid - YOUR HERE!
Day 2 - Favorite Troll - not up yet

I do not own Homestuck or the Homestuck Challenge. Hussie owns Homestuck and some random person owns the challenge I guess..
Art by me of course!
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