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IAmUmbreon's Year of Art by FreakyOrangehead IAmUmbreon's Year of Art by FreakyOrangehead
And what a big one it has been!

I do want to note I didn't post all these pics cuz well I just didn't...

January - Kid Kyo, just a picture of my character as a child, I was really proud of this with it's anatomy, style and such! [link]

February - Kyo D. Kitty, A picture of my character Kyo at the time, I update her looks way too often.. [link]

March - Kuzumite Hugs, I really miss my friend... [link]

April - Revolution, this was actually gonna be part of a song lyric video thing I wanted to do but never finished.. This is my Hetalia OC, Revolution! I was soooooo proud of this picture that I showed it off even MONTHS after! (not on DA)

May - IAmUmbreon, I wanted to make this my ID but never did... Again I was proud of the anatomy and style like January.. (Not on DA)

June - Rage-full Hier, I had been catching up in Homestuck and was just ATTACKED by inspiration! I also decided to start practicing with my tablet! This was my first picture I did 100% using my drawing tablet, Too this day I am proud of this drawing... except the arm... [link]

July - EriJohn, ... FUCKING ERIJOHN!!! I LOVE THIS MOTHERFUCKING SHIP! GOTTA ROBLEM WITH THAT!?!?! (not on DA, actually in my fanfiction spiral)

August - Red Rose, Love is in the air! This is the best drawing I have EVER done! I love this so much! [link]

September - Becoming, First time I have ever drawn someone shirtless... It went all down hill from here on.. [link]

October - NARA, this was actually for one of my talented friends :iconapatheticflighter:. It's of her UTAU NARA, this was so FUN to draw!! I am proud of how it came out, I like that I tried a different style and I am overall happy of this picture!! [link]

November - Fly Away, aaaaaaand I suddenly suck.. I HATE this picture but I really don't remember drawing much in November :(. Oh well, random Panty and Stocking... (Not on DA)

December - STFULOL, Just a redo of a picture I drew in 2010!! Big difference, I like this one! [link]

I don't remember where I found the meme..
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December 29, 2012
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